Theft of used cooking oil is on the rise...

The Sekure Kap® is a simple

and effective way to lock & secure your
oil, keeping the profits from yellow grease
in your pocket & on your bottom line!

Sekure Kap® Advantages

Sekure Kaps® — Serious Protection, As Simple As It Gets

Step 1

Using tamper resistant bolts, securely bolt the flanged male fitting permanently to the wall or holding tank. Attach your plumbing through the threaded area on the backside of the fitting.

Step 2

Place the female cap over the male fitting. The locking tab affixed to the male fitting now extends through the female cap for locking.

Step 3

Insert virtually any padlock through the locking tab.

Step 4

Simply lock your padlock and close the cam arms for a tight, leak resistant seal. Your valuable fryer oil is now secured with The Sekure Kap®.

What You Need To Know About The Sekure Kaps®

As biodiesel demands drive up the value of used fryer and cooking oils, theft of the new commodity is also on the rise.

The Sekure Kap® boasts a paintable, rust & corrosion resistant coating to help keep the exterior of your facility looking its best. Not complicated by moving parts, electronics or fragile components, the rugged and durable Sekure Kap® is intended to protect cooking and fryer oil from theft. Among its many patented features is a reinforced area to protect your padlock from bolt cutters or prying force.

Straightforward and simple to attach, the Sekure Kap® is the only lockable system that truly works!

Used fryer oil prices and theft are on the rise – do not wait – Contact Kastalon today to place your order.

The Sekure Kap® is a 2-piece locking system consisting of one flanged piece (male, cam & groove fitting) and one cap (female, cam arms) - Padlocks sold separately.

About Us

Kastalon, the maker of The Sekure Kap®, has been in business for 50 years. Regarded for the finest quality products, unrivaled ingenuity, and a rock-solid commitment to outstanding customer service, Kastalon & The Sekure Kap® will exceed your expectations and deliver results!

"I use The Sekure Kap® at two dozen facilities and theft & vandalism has been reduced to zero. Pad locks alone are not effective, but with the Sekure Kap® it works. I plan on outfitting all of my facilities with The Sekure Kap®."
Eric A., Corporate Facilities Manager
Nationwide Chicken Chain

"Having been in the industry for over 25 years, I've never seen the level of theft this widespread and aggressive. The Sekure Kap® is a must for all of my customers."
Mike S., Director of Used Cooking Oils
Nationwide Recycler

"Each of my restaurants produce hundreds of pounds of used cooking oil per week...It would be foolish for me not to have a Sekure Kap® at each and every location."
Dennis R., Franchise Owner
Regional Fast Food Chain, Southeast